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FAKE: A “Different” Exhibition At MAUTO, The Automobile Museum in Turin

29.06.2022-28.08.2022 – Turin, Italy

In the worldwide community of historic vehicle enthusiasts, “forgery” is kind of a taboo word: everybody knows it exists, but nobody wants to talk about it. With its last exhibition, inaugurated on 28th June 2022, MAUTO, the Italian Automobile Museum in Torino, literally took the bull by the horns and addressed this difficult, yet fascinating topic. “FAKE: the automobile between originality and forgery” was organised by MAUTO in cooperation with ADM, the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency, to set a spotlight on this “dark side” of the passion for historic vehicles. And it is not a minor issue: just to give a figure, in 2021, in Italy only, the ADM Agency has seized over 36.000 pieces including cars, motorcycles, mopeds and spare parts, with an increase of the 300% compared to the previous year.

The exhibition runs until the end of August.


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